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Rare Pink Vein Indo For Sale

This is the rare PVI strain that everyone has been looking for.. This Strain of Mitrignya Speciosa is extremely unique because the veins actually turn pink.. PVI has become very hard to find since the main website that use to sell these trees is no longer in business.. Fortunately, our suppliers from Indonesia were able to send us 1, 3 foot tree.. This Tree should yield at least 10 cuttings by June.. We are pre-selling all the cuttings.. Reserve yours today!!

Once this tree is at least 4 feet tall, this strain will produce leaves with very bright pink veins that will reach to the end of the leaf.

The growth rate and hardiness is comparable to the Rifat and Bumblebee strains.

All of our Kratom plants are fully potted in soil.


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At this time we are unable to ship Kratom plants to Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, Iowa and Vermont.

Pink Indo

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